About Me

About Me
Me working with students digitally, ever so enjoyable!

My name is Max Carlquist and I'm a Developer and Teacher based out of Helsingborg. Welcome to my personal website!

Because we live in such a digital age of fast speed internet and expecting quick home deliveries, we forget to realize that it is people like you who can create the most of remarkable things.

Why This Website

I've wanted to make a website like this for a long time, a sort of documentation of my coding and teaching experience online. And I hope to share it with, and so, others may have some use of my knowledge - hopefully.

What I do in my free time.

Everyone needs a hobby, a sort of passion to channels one's emotions. As a developer a clear mind is an intuitive aspect of reality. Thus to help me find my center I make music! I've made over 200 songs and all have a story to tell.