Max Carlquist

Developer | Teacher | Entrepreneur


I'm Max A simple mind in a complex place called Earth. In my almost three decades of partaking in living on Earth, I've lived in USA, England and finally Sweden - so I've been around, one can say. My passion is teaching people how to code and I'd say it's going pretty well! I've never imagined myself to be a programmer, yet alone a teacher of the subject, some years ago. I've studied Documentary Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy in 2009 and prior to that I also graduated from a Music High School in Sweden. So the world works in mysterious ways… Glad you've come to see what defines me for who I am.

Max Carlquist



After three years of online teaching and teaching younger children how to code, I was tasked with created a curriculum for a government run education program called Komvux. Komvux helps those who wish to further their education after High School for bettering their chances of getting into University or College - or simply, in my case, take a course prepare them for working within IT community on a professional level. I combined my years of experience to create a successful curriculum, which is now in its third semester. Also, I'm also teaching digital creationism for students who want to become pre-school teachers.


Since 2016 I've worked at Thinkful, a leading online Bootcamp school based in The United States. I'm one of 300 amazing mentors from all over the world helping many pursue their dream of becoming part of a community of the fastest growing career in the world. It is really rewarding to help them and every minute I work with them, I too learn something. I mean the goal of a good teacher is to enable the student to teach as well.

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Summer Coders

Helsingborg Dagblad Image

In 2016 I headed the successful summer camp for our leading youth coders in Helsingborg, Sweden. It was called Summer Coders. We had a lot of successful results with the program including some positive press from Swedish Television & Helsingborg Dagblad.


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