Max Carlquist

A Teacher & Developer with a passion to help.

Because we live in such a digital age of fast speed internet and expecting quick home deliveries, we forget to realize that it is people like you who can create the most of remarkable things.

Work Experience

Nilex AB logo

Nilex AB


2020-09-10 - 2023-10-17

Main Assignment: Had the responsibility for frontend portion of the application. Where I solved bugs and built new features for the application. Achievements: Because of the size of the application, it was said that it would take 1.5 months to be able to jump into the application and code. After only two weeks I solved my first bug and my first feature after one month.

Zocom AB logo

Zocom AB

Head teacher

2020-09-10 - 2022-08-16

At ZoCom, which is a company that rents out consultants to various higher educational schools all around Sweden - with a focus on technology. I have taught people in Växjö, Gothenburg and Helsingborg HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Because of Covid-19, we have all been teaching remotely.

Komvux Frontend Program logo

Komvux Frontend Program

Head Teacher

2017-03-10 - 2020-07-08

I lead the programming curriculum at Komvux Helsingborg and designed a course around this topic. As stated many students have landed jobs thanks to the course, or have achieved enough points to continue their education at Universities around Sweden. Many students were able to implement Node.js thanks to me teaching them JavaScript for the frontend.

Creative Approach logo

Creative Approach


2020-03-04 - 2020-08-13

Had the responsibility for frontend and backend portion of the App where which I integrated with Firebase. I begun the core structure of the App and coded the app from mockup to functioning, which had a very successful trial run while in alpha version.

Energy Machines AB logo

Energy Machines AB

Senior Developer

2022-09-14 - 2023-01-09

I worked on implementing new features into their current system and began work on their internal dashboard