Max Carlquist

  • Frontend Web Developer
  • Musician
  • Documentary Filmmaker

About Me

Max Carlquist founder of Tenkaklet Productions

After moving around the world, I've settled in Helsingborg, Sweden. A small town with a big headed mentality. But that's ok, for it is here where I discovered my true potential. It was here in 2007 where I discovered Documentary films and subsequently, my passion for music. Years later, after I returned to Helsingborg, Web Design became yet another dear asset of mine. So I thought, why not join the three and create something for myself? Hence was created and I haven't looked back since. The skies the limit and space is only just around the corner...

My Process


Every new project begins with an idea, even a small one can become a major project later on, like me and websites! So I use my creative mindset to think of a new idea at least once everyday. Be it a potential client asking me for their website, or me getting a good riff on the guitar!


After the inital idea spark, planning comes into focus. Here is where I'd sit wih my client, talk about the project, and agree on what suits you best!


And so let the creation process begin! With you by my side, I create the product, be it music, commercial, or a Website. And if it gets boring waiting for me to finish your original creatvie spark, I'll gladly tell you what's going on so you don't feel as lost as I'll be figuring out why your site won't work!


The final frontier has been reached, phew, and it's time to make you world famous! Not a problem! Regarding my web clients: I've helped many clients set up their websites, and thus I'll help you too, if you're nice.


Say Hey!

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